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Jealous Girlfriend Opener

I didn’t know that the jealous girlfriend opener by Neil Strauss (aka Style) was still around, but it seems like people are still using it. It’s one of the classic opinion openers from The Game (and a great example for teaching guys how to get women), where a guy approaches a mixed group or mixed set asking for advice on his “friend’s” girlfriend situation. The jealous girlfriend opener is flexible because it can be used in the day or at night, with small or large groups, mixed or all-girl sets.

The jealous girlfriend opener today

It’s a classic, but it can still be used today. These days most people use routines that are not from Neil Strauss’ book The Game or from the Vh-1 show The Pickup Artist featuring Mystery aka Erik von Markovik. The opener is most associated with Neil Strauss. Usually the guy starts by saying that his friend has a jealous girlfriend and they just moved in together.¬†She found a box of his pictures and letters from an ex-girlfriend and she says that he has to burn the box and never talk to his ex again. Then the guy asks the group for their opinion.

Usually that leads into a conversation where they ask questions and then eventually you change the subject (usually within the first minute or two) so you don’t “milk” the opener. The jealous girlfriend opener is pretty powerful, but you can’t attract beautiful women by talking about your friend’s jealous girlfriend all night. Some of the guys who are the best in the world like Nick Savoy or Braddock or Vercetti or Nick Hoss can get away with saying just about anything, but for a normal guy you have to use the system better.

Sometimes people worry about being caught using routines. That’s why I recommend the routines manual, since all of these routines are tested regularly and none of them have made it into mass market books or TV shows. But if you want to use the jealous girlfriend opener to start a conversation, who am I to stop you?

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