What up fellas!! Merry Xmas!!, happy b-day Jesus, and to the fellow tribe members (jews like me) I’ll see you at the movies…

Something I’ve been getting obsessed with lately is Stripper Game, and one of the LS Dating Coaches Bonsai has been coming out with a lot of awesome material to use and learn! His latest post How to Pick Up a Stripper is fucking awesome, he even made a Mind Map!!

Stripper game is different than regular chick game..you start at a different place in the interaction (not in opening) and you have to break their frame, which is strong since they’re all about a dollar like 4 quarters (any Lil Wayne fans out there??).

I’d recommend you learn stripper game, it’s a great tool to have, it’s only dealing with sexy gals, and they can dance = flexible = crazy shit in bed;). Bonsai is the dude to learn from. Check out his Blog for other tips on Strippers, and Game in general:


He’s a smart dude, and a great teacher… but he can still suck it!! :-P

Happy holidays!!