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I didn’t know that the jealous girlfriend opener by Neil Strauss (aka Style) was still around, but it seems like people are still using it. It’s one of the classic opinion openers from The Game (and a great example for teaching guys how to get women), where a guy approaches a mixed group or mixed set asking for advice on his “friend’s” girlfriend situation. The jealous girlfriend opener is flexible because it can be used in the day or at night, with small or large groups, mixed or all-girl sets.

The jealous girlfriend opener today

It’s a classic, but it can still be used today. These days most people use routines that are not from Neil Strauss’ book The Game or from the Vh-1 show The Pickup Artist featuring Mystery aka Erik von Markovik. The opener is most associated with Neil Strauss. Usually the guy starts by saying that his friend has a jealous girlfriend and they just moved in together. She found a box of his pictures and letters from an ex-girlfriend and she says that he has to burn the box and never talk to his ex again. Then the guy asks the group for their opinion.

Usually that leads into a conversation where they ask questions and then eventually you change the subject (usually within the first minute or two) so you don’t “milk” the opener. The jealous girlfriend opener is pretty powerful, but you can’t attract beautiful women by talking about your friend’s jealous girlfriend all night. Some of the guys who are the best in the world like Nick Savoy or Braddock or Vercetti or Nick Hoss can get away with saying just about anything, but for a normal guy you have to use the system better.

Sometimes people worry about being caught using routines. That’s why I recommend the routines manual, since all of these routines are tested regularly and none of them have made it into mass market books or TV shows. But if you want to use the jealous girlfriend opener to start a conversation, who am I to stop you?

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Eventually when I add more files for you guys to download I’ll organize it into sections… but for now… I’m just going to list them with a brief description. Enjoy fellas!

  • SNL Audio Series – Myself and Pendrixx just recorded an audio series, a $40 value, and are giving it away to everyone who wants to learn more about how to meet, attract, and sleep with women the same night you meet them. Download this here, and you can play it on your iPods and all that! Enjoy!
  • Favorite Routines Cheat Sheet – In here is a list of my favorite routines that are time tested and  work very consistently. There is at least one for every phase of the model.  These are more of a natural style routine and don’t need much of a lead in or build up, and you can pull them out whenever! Peep these, and if you like em, lemme know!
  • Back & Forth Convo – This is a real life conversation I had with a DIME in LA that took place a couple months ago. See this post for exercise instructions. 
  • Free Magic Bullets Chapters – Savoy has written possibly the greatest handbook on how to meet women… and he even offers Free chapters for you to get started… When you want the entire book (which you will, and should if you’re serious about this) you can buy it here.
  • Free “Phone & Text Game” Chapters! – Braddock & Mr. M wrote one of the sickets e-books of all time. Not only does it teach you how to master Phone and Text Game… but it’s basically an entire dating guide in itself; they talk sexual hoops, dates, stop light theory, to all sorts of shit. There’s so much great info in there (especially on page 52 {or 62 I forget} where my convo’s are ;-) ) that it’ll be your new reference guide. When you do want to buy that book… you can here.




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in this section I will be providing mini-guides to dating…. I’ll have these updated shortly but here’s what’s to come:

  • Beginners Guide to Game: Step by Step Guide to Learning Game
  • SNL Guide: Step by Step Guide to Mastering SNL’s
  • Art of Conversation: Step by Step Guide to Mastering Conversation
  • The Natural’s Guide: How to Integrate All the Skills Necessary to be a “Natural”
  • Fashion Guide: Don’t Ever Say the Word “Pea-cock” to me, or I’ll Smack Your Face

They’ll be up soon… stay tuned.




1 on 1s & Mastery Courses


If you’ve found this blog, chances are you’ve heard of Love Systems and are either unhappy with your dating life, or think you could be doing a lot better. And chances are you can be; that’s what we’re here for. We’ve got crazy amounts of products that can drill down the specific points of your game with out interview series. We’ve got bootcamps that cover all the steps in an interaction with meeting girls, from the mindsets and sub-communications you should have before the approach, all the way to managing whatever kind of relationship you want to have. We’ve got special tailored workshops such as Inner Game, Strippers & Hired Guns, Social Circle Mastery, Same Night Lay’s, etc… and then we’ve got the best option. A seminar tailored specifically to whatever needs and improvements ONE client has. We call these our 1 on 1’s and Mastery Courses. Allow me to break down what each of them are:

One on One’s:

A 1 on 1 generally lasts for 2 days, 8 hours a day, in which you will meet up with your chosen instructor (me of course {and I also bring out other LS Instructors for you to meet and question as well}) and hammer out the exact steps YOU PERSONALLY need to take in order to achieve your goals with your dating life. You’ve seen the reviews for our Love Systems Workshops (if not click here to read some), and you can see the impact they have on the attendees. While we do spend ample time with each client during the workshop, there are usually 8-12 in each, imagine how much time we can spend when there’s only 1 client to focus. Needless to say, a lot. This is the is the 2nd fastest way for you to get your love life under control, with the 3rd fastest way being a Bootcamp. Now I’m going to reveal the #1 FASTEST WAY for you to improve your skills with women and become INSTRUCTOR LEVEL good. The Mastery Course.

For more information how to book a 1 on 1, email me at: dubbsy@lovesystems.com.

Mastery Courses:

A Mastery Course is basically an elongated, and advanced 1 on 1. You will learn everything that you get in a normal 1 on 1, the foundations, the techniques, and the specific things you need to work on (with detailed planning on how to do it), as well as the advanced material and mindsets that separate the instructors and put them on the upper echelon. One of the Mastery Course clients now has forgone an incredible transformation under the hand of Braddock, Daxx, and Dahunter, and could easily become an instructor if he chooses. You see with a Mastery Course you get weeks – months of training. You get to go so deep into each level of game, and each topic until you internalize everything and come out with your best self.

Now I don’t recommend this to everyone (usually reserved for those who have taken either a bootcamp or a 1 on 1). This course is intense. We critique, analyze, point out and correct all your sticking points. You have to want it. You have to truly want to change your abilities with women, and become your best self. If you don’t truly want it, you won’t reap the benefits.

For more information on our Mastery Courses, email me at: dubbsy@lovesystems.com.

If any of this is unclear, feel free to contact me!

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