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Eventually when I add more files for you guys to download I’ll organize it into sections… but for now… I’m just going to list them with a brief description. Enjoy fellas!

  • SNL Audio Series – Myself and Pendrixx just recorded an audio series, a $40 value, and are giving it away to everyone who wants to learn more about how to meet, attract, and sleep with women the same night you meet them. Download this here, and you can play it on your iPods and all that! Enjoy!
  • Favorite Routines Cheat Sheet – In here is a list of my favorite routines that are time tested and  work very consistently. There is at least one for every phase of the model.  These are more of a natural style routine and don’t need much of a lead in or build up, and you can pull them out whenever! Peep these, and if you like em, lemme know!
  • Back & Forth Convo – This is a real life conversation I had with a DIME in LA that took place a couple months ago. See this post for exercise instructions. 
  • Free Magic Bullets Chapters – Savoy has written possibly the greatest handbook on how to meet women… and he even offers Free chapters for you to get started… When you want the entire book (which you will, and should if you’re serious about this) you can buy it here.
  • Free “Phone & Text Game” Chapters! – Braddock & Mr. M wrote one of the sickets e-books of all time. Not only does it teach you how to master Phone and Text Game… but it’s basically an entire dating guide in itself; they talk sexual hoops, dates, stop light theory, to all sorts of shit. There’s so much great info in there (especially on page 52 {or 62 I forget} where my convo’s are ;-) ) that it’ll be your new reference guide. When you do want to buy that book… you can here.



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