Do You Want SNL’s?

Don’t think I mean one night stands here… I’m talking about the ability to meet, attract, and sleep with a women that same night.  It could lead to a relationship, it could just be a fuck thing.

That decision is up to you.

Don’t make the mistake in thinking that you can run the same normal style game and consistently sleep with women the same night you meet them.

Well lucky for you guys we have an answer to that ;-) .  I’ve started a SNL mini-guide… you can read the first part of it HERE.

And in the meantime between part 2 and the SNL seminar (we’ll talk more about that later) Me and Pendrixx (ya’ll gotta follow him on twitter @LS_Pendrixx and he’s starting a blog it’s not fully functional yet, but I’ll let you know when it is) created an audio series for you guys.

Normally these go for $40 on the Love Systems site, but we’re giving it away to you guys because we’re just amazing people ;-) .

Go to my Download Section and get it there.

Enjoy! Feel free to post comments about it as well!

Later Fellas!

Your Dating Coach,

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